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Why Isn’t Your Hot Tub Hot?

Hot tubs are meant to be relaxing. One of the reasons that this is the case is because of the water temperature at which you can soak in. That being said, it’s no wonder that when the water isn’t warm, you’re eager to get that problem fixed. Here at Home Repair Services of Arizona, we pride ourselves on our quality hot tub repair work, getting your tub back to working conditions so that you can continue to enjoy it.

So, how do you know if it’s the heater that’s broken? Well, obviously, reduced heat or no heat are great ways to make notes as to whether or not the heater is broken. Just as with anything, a hot tub’s heater can break with the time and wear and tear of usage. One of the issues that may be keeping your hot tub from getting hot could be the heating coils, which with time can burn out or break. If the heater’s connection terminals are working and in good condition, if the tub is properly energized, and the thermostat is working, this is most likely the cause for the loss of temperature.

It is usually easy to notice whether or not the coil has burnt out or broken, but the safest way to evaluate all heater elements is by taking them out of the circuit by disconnecting both of the power leads from the heater terminals and then making your measurements with an OHM meter.

If you are only noticing a slight reduction in temperature, this is likely an issue with water flow rather than electrical, so measuring the heating elements will do little good. Check jets and flow rate to make note of any changes from what’s standard for your tub.

If you come across any issues that you are unable to discover the root of, the experts at Home Repair Services of Arizona are sure to find the source of the problem. Call us today for any of your hot tub repairs in the Mesa area today!

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