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We Repair Water Fountains as well as Provide Fireplace Repair and Hot Tub Repair for Scottsdale and Mesa Residents

Aside from just being aesthetically pleasing, indoor water fountains have several benefits you probably weren’t aware of. Fountains aren’t just household decorations, they are viable health improving devices.

Running water attracts negative ions, and ions attract particles of dirt from the air. Thus, water fountains pull dirt out of the air, leaving your room more purified. A wall fountain will, in essence, pull dirty air that you would otherwise breathe in.

The mere sound of running water tends to relax most people, even to the point where tension in their joints and muscles are lowered. This leads to a domino effect. That is, relaxation leads to better sleep which leads to a more relaxed lifestyle. Proper, restful sleep cycles carry several healthy benefits including reduced blood pressure and lower inflammation.

Even if you consider yourself a calm person, you still suffer the occasional high level stress situations. After all, we are not totally in control of situations at work, in relationships or even when raising kids. That is, stressful situations arise at work, in relationships and with your children. An indoor fountain is just what you need to help calm yourself down. Lying on the couch, closing your eyes and listening to the calming effect of a water fountain is better therapy than ice cream and donuts. As your mind begins to relax, all the problems of the day will most surely wash away.

But what happens when your water fountain breaks? Don’t stress out, we can help. At Home Repair Services of Arizona, we repair water fountains as well as provide fireplace repair and hot tub repair for Scottsdale and Mesa residents. We can do it all.

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