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What To Do When Your Fountain Is Clogged

When you decide to add a fountain to your landscaping, whether it be for a commercial building or your home, you are investing a great deal of money into making the exterior of your building beautiful. Fountains are a gorgeous way to add a flare to any building, but again, they’re pricey. After you’ve invested all of this money into a fountain, it’s no wonder you’re a bit nervous when you notice your fountain isn’t working as it should be. The Home Repair Service in Scottsdale, Arizona offers a variety of services that help you get your fountain back up and working, but there are a few problems that people try to handle on their own. One of the most common ones happens when someone notices the water pump for their fountain is clogged.

The first step is making sure that your fountains filter is clean. That can affect both clogged and pumps that are just running slow. Cleaning your filter should happen on a pretty regular basis, and doesn’t take very long. Simply pull out the filter and clean out any objects that it’s caught. This is more often than not the reason that water pumps slow down or stop working altogether.

If your filter has been cleaned and this is still a problem, it’s best that you call Home Repair Services and have one of our fountain repair experts go out to inspect the fountain. This could lead to place replacements, draining of the fountain, or could be because of the engine that your pump runs off of. If this is the case, contact our office today and schedule a consultation today!

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