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Tips for Keeping Your Grill Fired Up This Summer

Summer is almost here and you know what that means…it is almost grilling season! Everyone loves spending those long summer evenings out in the backyard, drinking a cold beer and enjoying each other’s company while some delicious burgers and brats are cooking on the grill. If you are planning on using your grill regularly throughout the summer, it is important to perform the necessary maintenance in order to keep it running as it should throughout the season. We have a few simple tips to keep your grill fired up this summer.

Clean Grill After Cooking- It is important to keep your grill clean. Grills clean up best when they are still warm. After you have finished cooking, scrub the grate with a wire brush to clear any food residue. The type of grate you have will determine what kind of wire brush you should use. If you have a stainless steel grate, you should use a brass wire brush, however, if you have a cast iron grate, you should use a stainless steel wire brush.

Wipe Up Spills- After your grill has completely cooled, it is important to wipe up any spills with a damp paper towel. If left on your grill, grease and salt can accelerate the corrosion of your grill. Be sure to clean these spills in order to preserve the life of your grill.

Water Resistant Cover- When your grill is not in use, it is important to always place a water-resistant cover over your grill. This will protect it from rain, rust, and corrosion so your grill will last for years to come.

A few simple tasks can keep your grill running like new all summer long, but if you need a BBQ repair this summer in Arizona, be sure to give us a call. We are familiar with all leading grill manufacturers and we can service, repair, and restore almost any grill. Be sure to follow our blog for more summer grilling tips and tricks.

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