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Is It Time For Your Annual Fireplace Inspection?

As summer comes to an end, those Arizona nights get brutal. With temperatures dropping well below 40 degrees, it’s best to have your fireplace set up and ready to go. Before you go turn your fireplace on and enjoy the warmth, make sure to schedule your annual fireplace inspection. Here’s why doing so is important:


The buildup is inevitable, even with a gas fireplace. This can come from pieces of the chimney breaking off or even bits of the ceramic logs deteriorating. this happening clogs vents, which is not safe. Having your fireplace inspected keeps it in good condition and gets it ready for another year of use!


A gas fireplace burns clean, which means that no soot is deposited. While this is true, that does not mean that your chimney and fireplace do not need to be inspected. Issues like moisture, cracks, deterioration, and birds could affect your chimney and ultimately block, or alter, the ventilation of your fireplace. An inspection insures the airway is cleared and ready for use!


The glass that is placed in front of a gas or electric fireplace can reach temperatures up to 400 degrees. Just because it is not an open wood fire does not mean that the heat is any less than usual. Gas is extremely flammable, and if it is not inspected can be harmful. Any type of fireplace is still very capable of creating an open fire in your home if it is not in its best-working state.

Inspecting your fireplace ultimately provides a safe experience for you and your family each time that the fireplace is in use. Doing so annually will definitely keep your fireplace in good condition, but more importantly, it will keep your family, and home, safe. Schedule an appointment with Home Repair Services of Arizona today!

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