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If Your Arizona BBQ Grill is in Need of a Cleaning or Repair, Count on Us

As men, there are certain things we are just hardwired to do. One of these things is the ability to cook outdoors on a BBQ grill. Sure, we could leave this labor of love to our girlfriends or wives, but we don’t because the back patio is our arena and we will not let this opportunity to shine pass us by. If you score big at your BBQ, you are looked upon as a demigod; if you fail, it is time to turn in your man-card. Here are a few tips to ensure you keep your man-card where it belongs, in your wallet.

Our first advice to you is to plan ahead. There is nothing worse than having to put an epic event on hold just so you can run to the store to pick up more salsa. It will serve you well to err on the side of caution and have more than enough of everything, especially beer.

Speaking of beer, make sure you don’t scrape the bottom of the barrel. That is, don’t just buy the cheapest stuff available. Nobody expects premium beer at these events, so something in the middle is quite sufficient.

Make sure you have all your food items straight. Munchables like chips and pretzels are a must, and don’t look the fool serving these without dips. If you are unsure about what dips to provide, everything and anything can be dipped in ranch dressing.

If you want to impress, go the extra mile and grill up some steaks or chicken breasts, and make sure you marinade those bad boys or mix in a great rub.

Most importantly, you need to make sure your grill is in tip top shape. There is nothing worse than having a grill break down right in the middle of a BBQ and having to finish everything up on the stove. If your Arizona BBQ grill is in need of a cleaning or repair, count on us. We also offer hot tub and fireplace repair.

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