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What To Do With Rust On Your Grill?

Summer is quickly approaching, and that means that you need to be ready for those weekend barbecues and the late nights around the fire pit. At Home Repair Services of Arizona, we provide all of the repair services that you need to make sure these items are up and running in tip-top condition before summer arrives. One issue that we hear commonly around this time is in regards to rust that’s built up on grills. Whether it’s been from the showers that we experience in the cooler months, or maybe even just a build-up in grease before the end of the season, it’s a common problem. While it may be common, it’s still one that needs to be handled.

This isn’t necessarily a problem that you need to contact us for, seeing as how it doesn’t require a ton of knowledge or heavy-duty work. The first step to cleaning your grates is going to be removing them and washing them down with a mix of soap and water as well as steel wool. This step should get most of the build-up off, so you’ll follow this with a damp sponge or towel that will catch any build-up that is remaining. If you have cast iron grates, you’ll find much more success getting the rust off with a barbecue scraper and a solution that is 1 part vinegar and 5 parts water. This not only removes the rust but leaves it nice and sanitized.

We have a tip that is nice and simple and will keep your grates rust-free throughout the season. Start by rubbing cooking oil on your grill’s grates with a paper towel. Make sure that you use a tong or some other form of safety that will keep you from getting burnt. Make sure that you let all of the oil burn off the grates to complete the process. These steps will help keep your grates from rusting, but will also help food from sticking to the grill.

If you notice any issues with your grill, make sure that you contact Home Repair Services of Arizona before you realize you’re not able to enjoy your BBQ to it’s full extent!

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