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Finding The Perfect Temperature For Your Hot Tub

So you’ve just bought a hot tub for your home, and it turns out that it’s a little more complex than you expected. There are pieces that need to be hooked up, chemicals to balance the Ph levels and personal preferences that you can incorporate to really tailor your use. One of the obvious benefits to having a hot tub is the warmth of the water that you can soak in. While the temp that you set it at is a preference, there are a few common questions that we get about maintaining a temperature and what will and won’t work.

Average Temperature For A Tub

Again, this comes down to preference, but there is a range that you should be staying in to keep comfortable. Most hot tubs range from 80 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. A hot tub should not exceed 104 degrees, but it should be even cooler if small kids or toddlers will be using the hot tub. For kids anywhere between infants and 8 years of age, shouldn’t be in tubs of high temperatures for longer than 15 minutes. A good average for families with kids.

How Often Should You Be Heating Your Tub

If you are someone that isn’t planning on using your tub every day, you’re probably wondering if it’s better to turn off the heating in between use or if it’s more efficient to leave it running all the time. Let’s start by remembering that it takes roughly 20 hours to get a hot tub to it’s highest temperature. That being said, if you have a cover over your tub, it’s better to keep it heated. The cover should keep the heat in so that your heater only turns on every once in awhile.

If you’re noticing that your hot tub is having a difficult time maintaining a temperature, schedule an appointment with the experts at Home Repair Services. We offer a range of repair services for your Arizona home!

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