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Hot Tub Mistakes That Lead to Costly Repairs

Hot tubs are fantastic! Not only do they offer a way to wind down and relax after a long hard day, but they also offer a way to relieve any muscles aches and pains. While hot tubs do require a certain amount of upkeep, they are still fairly easy to maintain. There are a few things however, that you should never do to your hot tub. Home Repair Services of Arizona and Olympic Hot Tub, have a few tips for avoiding costly hot tub mistakes. These are a few mistakes made by Mesa hot tub owners that are sure to result in a hot tub repair.

1. Don’t Turn the Power Off with Water in the Tub- It is never wise to unplug your hot tub while there is still water in it however, this especially important to avoid in the winter. If the temperature plummets, chances are you will be dealing with a frozen hot tub in the morning. This is a very costly repair that can easily be avoided.

2. Don’t Leave Your Hot Tub Running Without Maintaining It- Maintaining your hot tub is critical. If you cannot keep up with the maintenance, ti is best to drain your hot tub and shut it down. If you leave your hot tub running but do not maintain the water, you are going to end up with a very unsanitary mess that involves a lot of clean up.

3. Don’t Treat Your Hot Tub Like a Bathtub- It is always important to shower before you enter your hot tub. Don’t ever use it to clear off dirt and grim. This can build up in the filters and other areas and damage your hot tub.

It may seem as if there are a lot of do’s and don’ts to owning a hot tub but owning and maintaining your hot tub is relatively easy. However, if your hot tub does happen to require repairs services, we can help! We are your local hot tub experts and can handle any repair. Call us today to get your hot tub up and running again.

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