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BBQ Safety Tips

Summer is in full swing and by now you have probably fired up that grill a time or two. While BBQ get-togethers and grilling are summer staples, these can often lead to unexpected accidents and injuries. In one of our most recent blogs, we talked a little bit about grill maintenance and how it can help prevent a costly BBQ repair, but regular maintenance can also help prevent grilling accidents in Arizona. We have a few BBQ safety tips that will allow you to enjoy an incident-free grilling get-together.

Grill Placement

It is important to keep your grill at least 10 feet away from your home. If your grill is close to your home, a sudden flare-up could cause your home to catch fire. Avoid placing your grill under overhangs or anything else that could easily catch fire. If you could keep your grill more than 10 feet away from your home, that would be even safer.

Keep Grill Lid Open When You Turn On the Gas

Never, ever turn on the gas when your grill lid is closed. Keeping your grill lid closed causes gas to build up underneath it so, when you do finally open the lid to light your grill, it can end up exploding in your face and causing a serious injury. Always open your grill lid before turning on the gas.

Clean Your Grill

Not only does keeping your grill clean help prolong its life, but it can also help prevent fires. When grease and fat build up on your grill, they provide an excellent fuel source for a fire. Grease and fat are major sources of grill flare-ups, which can result in devastating fires. Keeping your grill clean will help lower this risk.

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