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A Few Ways You Can Prep Your Fireplace For Summer

With temperatures quickly rising, it’s time to prep your fireplace. Not for fires, obviously; it’s time to prepare your fireplace for the months that it’s going to take off as temperatures remain close to 100 these next couple of months. In order for your fireplace to continue working well, you need to take the time to prepare it for the time that it sits stagnant. Here are a few tips on how you can prepare your fireplace before summer hits.

Clean It Up

If you have a wood burning fireplace, you definitely need to give your fireplace a good clean up. When wood burns, it leaves tons of embers, ashes and residue in the pit and the chimney of the fireplace. While you may be able to clean out the embers and ashes on your own, it will take the experience of a professional chimney sweeper to get the build up out of there. If you neglect these types of maintenance, you are posing a greater threat and danger to your family within your home.

Follow these tips to ensure that your fireplace is working well come August. Take note that these tips do not guarantee that your fireplace will work as intended after the summer; there are issues and accidents that arise that could never be accounted for. In those instances, call Home Repair Services of Arizona and have us perform any fireplace repairs that you need done. If you have any repairs that you’re aware of, don’t wait any longer. Get them taken care of today when you call our office and schedule an appointment.

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